What’s Proman

Cloud based platform

Automate Your Production

Proman is a multifunctional integral enterprise management tool designed to automate production monitoring and sales processes.

Full Package

Proman flawlessly handle geting orders, control of the production process, quality management and customer evaluation in real time.

Continuous Improvement

Proman production management system is regularly improved to stay up to date with the most progressive ideas of business innovation and strategy.

Easy & fast online

Proman eliminates the need for paper documents to streamline productivity, and helps you operate in a leaner and meaner way.

How It Works

Smart and flexible way to automate the bussiness


Contac Us

Proman engineers visit a customers’ production site to evaluate and clearly explain what can be automated and optimized with  Proman to help resolve business problems.


Get Demo

Taking into account all your requirement specifications, Proman engineers suggest optimal solutions and prepare Proman demo implementation at production site.


Test demo, and get deal

This is where you sit down, grab a cup of coffee and dial in to the details. If you like Proman in your business, Proman engeneers prepare the proposal.


Start Using

Proman offers a broad range of training programs, either in a complete project framework or for specific services. Proman helps to elevate your team to the next level of managing processes.


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