What is PROMAN?

Proman is a flexible, innovative and comprehensive platform

that ensures powerful enterprise management and professional production organization.

It is a multifunctional integral enterprise management tool designed to automate various business processes, including:

Taking orders online and planning production recourses

Evaluation of cost assessment and management of the supply of raw materials

Production process monitoring and quality control

Delivery of the final product to the customer

Customer satisfaction evaluation

Proman manages information on products and customers, prices and production operating costs for each production process operation. The system helps manage costs and allows to monitor the entire order progress in real time. Production planning is carried out according to the needs and the assessment of what-if scenarios. It is based on the actual production load, optimal use of available resources and delivery terms agreed upon with the customers. Professional analysis tools make it possible to evaluate the potential of resources and achieve the maximum profitability.

Involving innovative technology and theoretical models, Proman enables the entire enterprise resource potential to be managed, provides professional possibilities to manage products, orders and customers using high-level planning, marketing and management instruments. It is enough to know your business. Proman will help you raise the company’s profits for the industries in the most relevant and accessible way.

Proman CRM is a robust marketing tool dedicated to managing sales and improving customer relationships. The competitive business environment obliges businesses to seek opportunities to enhance their relationships with customers ceaselessly. Proman CRM helps to identify and focus on the most critical customers, creates distribution chains, develop sales teams, and controls sales agent activity. Therefore, you can manage and follow the sales division professionally. You can manage customer access to orders and the necessary pieces of information like order histories, product datasheets, and production tracking. You can control accessibility for different levels of system users, creating active sales structures. Proman CRM is engineered to reach real business targets.


Proman ERP is designed to automate various business processes. It manages online orders, planning of production resources, cost assessment, the supply of raw materials management, and quality control, to the final product, and customer satisfaction evaluation. Proman manages information about products and the customers, prices, and the production operating costs for each production process. The system helps to control costs and allows to monitor the entire order progress in real-time. Production planning can be carried out according to an assessment of “what if” scenarios. It is based on the actual production load, optimal use of available resources, and delivery terms agreed with customers. Professional analysis tools evaluate the potential of resources and achieve maximum profitability.

Proman QCM helps manage quality control, non-conformities and register them as well as the origins and causes of them. Manage costs for inspections and non-conformities, divide them by cost centers, and automatically integrate them into the company accounts. Proman QCM helps to define a technical quality control process for testing of product on different production stages. One or more quality rules helps to record all the needed test values. According to control of permissions on the technical datasheet of the product, responsible for quality employees access to certain parts of the process and registers testing parameters.

More Ways Than Ever To Manage Your Hard Work

We have developed a professional tool that provides means for managing production processes online.

Professional production management

System enables the full control of the entire production process in real time in case of unforeseen events and ensures the protection against the loss of time and resources

Effective optimization
of resources

Proman is a smart, reliable, innovative and safe tool designed to organize and optimize the manufacturing processes

Real-time production

Proman provides each user with an opportunity to easily create and calculate all relevant expenses, to manage subcontracts, equipment and staff and to plan working hours and control costs


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