Team Values

Focusing on building tools to increase production efficiency.

Since 1994, the PROMAN team has been gathering experience and ideas for building a flexible, innovative and universal production efficiency management system.

Integration and creation of systems and solutions.

PROMAN professionally integrates and pilots different levels of marketing, management, accounting and supervising. It takes the control of production processes to the next level.

Understand, create, adapt, integrate, support.

PROMAN enables the management throughout the life cycle of industrial investments, from the preliminary phases of advice and specifications to the maintenance of installed systems.

Mastering the highest requirements and systems of reference.

PROMAN offers effective and adapted solutions owing to important values, such as innovation, expertise and quality.



Integrating systems with solutions.

Operating at the heart of the production process, PROMAN designs and implements innovative and evolutionary solutions that meet the highest industrial standards.

Providing experience in automation integration.

PROMAN is specialized in the piloting and traceability of industrial processes in a wide range of sectors, such as polygraphy, furniture production and apparel production.

Acquiring experience through successful implementation of industrial projects.

Valuable knowledge enables PROMAN to commit itself to results by guaranteeing its business meets the specific needs of its customers with respect to the control of costs and production deadlines.

Reinforcing industry credentials by developing its own standards and solutions.

Providing innovative developments and solutions to customers.

Providing assistance to customers from management to evolution processes of their installations.

As industrial investments are a long-term process, PROMAN provides support from the audit, advisory, and preliminary specification phases to the maintenance and operation follow-up phases, with staff training provided throughout.



PROMAN organizational structure includes:

  • Skilled programmers;
  • Technicians and engineers;
  • Research and development;
  • Project managers;
  • Trainers and consultants;
  • 24/7 hotline.


Fields of Professional Expertise

PROMAN experts are involved in the analysis and conception phases, facilitating successful management of the most complex projects. Aspiring to optimize the industrial performance of its customers, PROMAN has developed skills in various fields, such as automation, data processing, electricity, instrumentation and electronics engineering.

Knowledge Management

The expertise of the collaborators is a major asset for PROMAN, and therefore 4-5 % of the payroll is dedicated to training, technological research and development. Also, a skill database ensures the best management of current skills and enables planning for the future skill development in order to meet the anticipated needs.


On the basis of its best practice, PROMAN has defined the project management methodology that is implemented in all projects, guaranteeing performance and deadlines.

Research and Development

Concerned about the longevity of its customers’ investments, PROMAN implements R&D programs to enrich the software solutions with up-to-date applications. As such, PROMAN’s technological partners provide constant new technological developments by making their new products available before they are launched.


Organized by the activity sector and projects, PROMAN has modelling, development and test platforms as well as a joint knowledge database. Each team has a space dedicated to their project. A powerful and secure IT network enables information to be shared efficiently and ensures that customer data remain safe. Each team has laptops at the workplace, which ensure flexibility and availability they need for their project.